Ethos & Values

  • Westfield Academy lies at the heart of the local community. The values and ethos of Westfield is to be an inclusive Academy, where there is a strong sense of pride and belonging to Westfield and the wider community.
  • We are an inclusive school with a Grammar Stream. This means that we can and ensure that all students meet and exceed their potential.
  • All students at Westfield are setted on entry by their KS2 primary levels. This is to ensure that in all subjects students are in the most appropriate set for their ability. This allows us to tailor their curriculum to best suit their needs. Whether studying Latin, Further Maths, Horticulture, Hair and Beauty or Construction our aim is to offer each student an opportunity to thrive. This alongside tight pastoral systems, close monitoring of achievement and intervention where required has allowed Westfield Academy to go from strength to strength over the last 5 years. 
  • At Westfield, we value every young person and have a strong commitment to developing positive attitudes and values in our students; we believe these are the cornerstones of successful learning.
  • We provide a broad, high quality education. We strive to develop our students spiritually, morally and socially as well as intellectually and physically, so that our students make a valuable contribution to society and every student succeeds.