Governors & Committees

Our job as Governors is to help you to get the best possible education for your children while they are at Westfield Academy.

The Governors have overall responsibility for the Academy and work in partnership with both the Headteacher and Department of Education. We do not get involved in the day-to-day management of the school – that is left to the expertise of the Headteacher and his team. We work with the school to:-

  • Determine the strategy and direction of the school (e.g. as a well-attended and popular Academy, being seen to achieve high standards).
  • Establish priorities and approve plans and budgets (e.g. review and approval of the annual development plan drawn up by the Head and his/her team).
  • Set targets and monitor progress (e.g. we want the school to achieve high standards of education and for these to be reflected in annual targets and trends).
  • Support the Headteacher and the school (e.g. over issues such as transport and admissions).
  • Ensure that the required policies and procedures are in place (e.g. personnel, pay, special needs and equal opportunities).


  • Mr A L Farrer​; Chair of Governors. (01.08.2013) 01.02.2019 to 31.01.2023. Member appointed
  • Mr D W Yuill; Chair of Attainment & Achievement Committee. 05.07.2016 to 04.06.2020. Member appointed
  • Mr B Mallett; Chair of Resources Committee. 20.11.2018 to 23.09.2022. Member appointed
  • Mr T Body; Headteacher. Ex Officio
  • Mr R Venchard. 09.04.2019 to 08.04.2023. Trustee co-opted trustee
  • Mr R Saund; 03.10.2019 to 02.10.2021. Trustee co-opted trustee
  • Mrs S Kenward 14.10.2019 to 13.10.2023. Trustee co-opted trustee
  • Mr J Willcocks 12.11.2019 to 11.11.2023. Trustee co-opted trustee
  • Ms T. Collins 22.04.20 to 21.04.24. Trustee co-opted trustee
  • Mr K Sterling 16.06.20 to 15.06.24. Parent Governor


  • Mr A Farrer: 01.08.2013. Signatory to the memorandum
  • Mr I Phillips; 16.05.2019. Appointed under article 15A 
  • Mr D Wadia; 16.05.2019. Appointed under article 15A
  • Mr G O'Neill 09.12.19. Appointed under article 15A
  • Mr S. Singh 18.12.19. Appointed under article 15A

Company Secretary

  • Vacant

Leadership Team

  • Mr T Body: Headteacher
  • Mr P Creber: Senior Deputy Headteacher
  • Ms A Hartley: Deputy Headteacher
  • Ms Ishrat Riaz: Deputy Headteacher

Attainment and Achievement Committee

  • Mr D W Yuill: Chair of Attainment & Achievement
  • Mr A Farrer:/Chair of the Governors
  • Mr T Body: Headteacher
  • Mr B Mallet: Governor
  • Mr R Venchard
  • Mr R Saund
  • Mrs S Kenward
  • Mr J Willcocks 
  • Ms T Collins - Safeguarding Governor

Resources Committee

  • Mr B Mallet: Chair of Resources
  • Mr D W Yuill: Governor
  • Mr A Farrer: Chair of the Governors
  • Mr T Body: Headteacher
  • Mr R Venchard
  • Mr R Saund
  • Mrs S Kenward
  • Mr J Willcocks - Vice Chair of Resources
  • Ms T Collins - Safeguarding Governor