Head's Blog #9 April 2017

Happy Easter to all our families.

It has been an incredibly busy but rewarding term, thanks as always for your support.

I’ve spent a lot of time since January taking tours around our new building, which has been extremely rewarding and has led to a record number of places for Year 6 students into Year 7 for September 17. Every single visitor has said how calm and purposeful it feels as they walk the site. This is a credit to how our staff and students have adapted to the move. Any current parents who would like to visit, please get in touch, I’d be delighted to show you round.

Not everything is perfect yet, there is still work to do with; the new interactive whiteboards, with the library, with the space around the site at break and lunch. There is more but we knew this would be the case. The old site is now being knocked down, which isn’t nice to watch but will lead to the landscaping starting after the summer. This is necessary as the space available to the students at break and lunch isn’t what I’d like.

This has been an odd term, due to the build. We have only had one week’s holiday for Easter, which feels very strange. What it also feels like is that we are 4 or 5 weeks behind with our Year 11 students. This can’t be helped, its simply due to the time we had to take off in October and November and the weeks where we were/weren’t moving. However as always, our students rose to the challenge, with 105 of our Year 11’s attending our Saturday revision sessions in the run up to our GCSEs. (The first exam, RE is looming on Monday 15th May.)

I’d like to wish all our Year 11 & 13 students the best of luck for the summer, although I’m sure they won’t need it.

Tim Body