Head's blog #10 Oct 2017 A proud moment.

Welcome back everyone

I know I haven’t done a blog for a while, but to be honest I’ve been so impressed with the work Mr Chalk has done, in getting our newsletter out each week, that I sort of thought I was a little redundant. However, I was very keen to share the picture of assembly with parents, again, that I thought I should write the blog again.

It was a cracking summer for all of us at Westfield and it’s been a wonderful start back to the year. After a hard year last year, I was gratified to see our students receive some excellent GCSE and A-Level results. (The details are on the website.)

The start of the year has been wonderful. Our new Year 7 students are an absolute delight. Thank you so much for sending them to us. The picture of them in assembly with the Year 8 students at the start of the year will stay with me for years. I’ve never been so proud.

I’m hoping that as many of you as possible are able to attend our “information evenings.” There is one for each year group and the intention is to give you as much information as possible, to help you support your child this year; an overview of the curriculum for the year, an overview of the assessments, an overview of homework as well as a reminder of student behaviour expectations. All we’ve tried to do is give you any information we can think that would be useful. Please let us know if there is anything we’ve missed.

Open morning (s). This year I decided to do open Morning on Saturday morning rather than an evening. In simple terms it was to allow parents the chance to see us in the day time on a relaxed Saturday morning not a rushed, dark evening. The feedback has been great, so I decided to do another one on Saturday 14th October. (Please pass this onto anyone you know who is interested in visiting us.)

Below are two “choice” pieces of feedback we had from visitors to the first “Open Morning” about our wonderful school.

“Amazed by the school. I have my heart set on this school & so does my son who was convinced he would be going to Rickmansworth with all his friends but now has had a change of heart completely”

Ms L Squires

“I arrived at the school thinking that I had better see this school as it was the closest to our home but didn’t think I would include it on our selection. After seeing the school, hearing the Headteacher session & meeting Grace, our guide I know that Westfield is now a serious contender for our list. I feel that my son will be safe, well looked after & on leaving in 7 years will be a well-rounded individual.”

Mrs K Scott

Thanks again for your support and for entrusting us with your young people.

Tim Body