Head's Blog #11: Mar 2018 Successful Revision Weekend

Welcome back everyone

The wonderful Westfield News has in many ways replaced this blog, but I felt I had to put words to paper after this weekend.

This Saturday morning really showed me what the modern secondary school is all about.

This Saturday morning there were;

  • 3 young men in Saturday detention
  • 44 Year 11 students and 4 teachers in the school doing revision in English and Maths from 9 O’clock until 12 O’clock.
  • 100 families, with very excited young people, who have just received their 6 into 7 allocations to Westfield Academy walking the site from 10 O’clock until 12 O’clock.

I think it is a real credit to the community that we are in, that so many people would engage with the school on a Saturday morning. At Westfield we firmly believe that the Academy should be at the heart of the community.

Where young people hadn’t behaved in a way towards each other, that we consider appropriate, we believe that we must take this seriously and a Saturday morning detention demonstrates this, without having to necessarily exclude the young people.

We don’t believe that parents should feel obliged to purchase tutors for their young people.

Of course, they can if they believe it is necessary, but it shouldn’t be a requirement. The school should support parents with revision sessions, which we do, each evening after school and on Saturday mornings.

It is important that students see the Academy as “their” Academy. By allowing them to walk around the site on a Saturday morning, with their parents, it allows them to start to see the school as theirs.

Between this, visits during the school day, the 6 into 7 day and the summer school, it will mean that by September 2018 the new Year 7 students should feel completely at home at Westfield which will mean they have the best chance to succeed.