Head's Blog #15 February 2019. Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy...

Since Christmas it has been an incredibly busy half-term, between snow, Year 8 Mastermind competition, Year 11 revision on Saturday mornings, Year 11 Geography Field Trip and the Year 7 Spelling Bee. 

I would pick out two notable events. The Year 11 Geography field trip, was the first one they have done down on the Dorset Coast. It's the perfect place for a Field trip, but hard work for all involved. The event itself was over a grey damp weekend, but was a complete success. I'm so grateful to all the staff for giving up their time for this.

Also just before we broke up we had what has now become our annual Year 7 Spelling Bee competition. This was first introduced by Mr Finill and Mr Lock last year for Year 7 and has now started to become an institution.I was so impressed to see Saanjh Lomash in Year 7 take the trophy this year, but more than this it was so nice to see everyone get involved.