Heads Blog #18. Duke of Edinburgh's Award

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#18 July 19


Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE)

One thing I’m really passionate is about is for young people to get healthy experiences of the outdoors, to develop resilience, coping skills, and I suppose some of the life skills we can’t necessarily give them through the main curriculum. There isn’t, I believe any better way than the D of E, it’s a fabulous program that I think all students should undertake.


On Monday and Tuesday our Year 12 students, overseen by Ms Magee, Mr Chalk and Mrs Beels, did their bronze award expedition. In simple terms it involved navigating across country from here to “Faisal’s Wood” (up the A41 near Kings Langley) setting up camp, camping, cooking, then the next morning navigating back to Westfield. It sounds straightforward, but if you had seen the students leaving on Monday morning you would have thought they were going deep into the Amazonian Rainforest. (In their defence on their trial run a few weeks ago, it poured it down and they got drenched.) The skills of teamwork and navigating as well as the walk and the camping, I believe are priceless. The sense of achievement is also something you cannot simply create. I am so proud of the staff and students and I firmly believe that this is something we need to roll-out to younger students, if we are to create the type of adults we wish to create. A massive thank you to Ms Magee, in particular, and Mr Chalk and Mrs Beels.



Tim Body