Heads Blog #19. 6 into 7 Tea Party


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#19 July 19



6 into 7 Tea Party

This year my daughter Polly is starting secondary school in Hemel Hempstead. So, I know how it feels watching my little girl moving to “big school.” It’s hard. As I say each year, however, it is hardest for the parents. Our children are resilient, they cope and above all they are ready to move up. We put a lot of emphasis on the transition from primary school to secondary school. By now Mr Lock (Head of Year 7) Ms Hayes (SENCO) and Ms Freeman (Inclusion) have visited the vast majority of primary schools, to meet our new students and to talk to them about secondary school. Next week we have the 6 into 7 evening and the 6 into 7 day, where primary students spend their first day in their new schools. However last week we also had a very Westfield event; our Tea Party. This is for 6 into 7 students and in particular for those students who we didn’t manage to visit. It’s a relaxed jolly event designed to put everyone (students and parents alike) at ease. I’d like to thank Mrs Newlyn for creating such a wonderful event this year.


Tim Body