Heads Blog #17. Westfield Annual Teachmeet June 2019

Westfield Annual Teachmeet June 2019

Headteacher’s blog
#17 June 19

Apologies, I know it’s been a while….

Westfield Teachmeet 2019

In amongst the complicated world of education; Academies, the DFE, OFSTED, performance measures, Business Managers, Trusts, Multi-Academy trusts it is often worth remembering that underneath it education is as simple as teachers effectively teaching young people to ensure they achieve well and become successful contributing members of society. Where I see the role of the Teachmeet, is to reinforce that. To put a spotlight on teachers discussing how to maximise effectiveness in the classroom, to celebrate a range of teaching and learning strategies and pedagogy, designed to give the students the best chance of success. By doing this we cut through some of the extraneous factors that can hamper education and focus on the profession itself. What this also does it side-step notions of competition between schools. Instead it focuses on collaboration, on staff from a range of setting with a range of experiences sharing good practice and ideas with only one simple aim; to improve the life chances of young people. I’m so pleased to see the Third Westfield Teachmeet taking shape. I’m grateful to all the staff involved and in particular Jacqui O’Connor for putting this together. If it achieved nothing else, it refocuses us all on the power of the classroom to transform opportunities for young people.

The Westfield Annual Teachmeet, was yet again, a fabulous event. It was a mixture of our wonderful staff talking about the strategies they use to engage students alongside external speakers discussing the wider world of education in the current climate. It made me proud to be involved in comprehensive education.

Here’s to Teachmeet 2020.

Tim Body