Heads Blog #16 March 2019. Saturday Morning in a modern Academy

Saturday Morning in a modern Academy.

The Modern Academy
I was struck on Saturday morning (09.03.2019) how much school has changed. On Saturday myself and a number of staff were in school, not for Saturday detention, which is nice. Mr Parsons (Premises manager) and his son, site staff were in managing the site for lettings, which generate much needed funds for the Academy. This Saturday the main hall was rented out for a Yoga group for disabled young people. This was such a nice event and almost a privilege to have it at Westfield.

Alongside this, around 40 Year 11 students were in school doing extra revision with the Maths Faculty. Mr Palmer (Head of Maths), Mr Berry and Ms O’Connor (Associate Head). They were in from 9 until 11 and I only had to moan at two girls for being late. This is so positive, again and again I say how proud this makes me. I think some people believe that only Grammar school students work this hard. What I see on a daily basis at Westfield is teachers and students working to the maximum.

Then Mr Lock, Ms Newlyn and I were in school for 6 into 7 students and their families. Year 6 students recently received their secondary school allocated place. So, we felt it would be a nice idea to invite them in. Not this time for speeches and stalls, but for the students to run around the Academy getting used to it and seeing it as their school. It was a lovely, relaxed morning and they had the pleasure of listening to my taste in music piped out through the tannoy system.
Whilst this was taking place our astro-turf was being used by local football clubs all morning. This again draws in income for the Academy as well as serving as a resource for the local community.
As I drove home, I was struck by the idea that I’m certain when I was young my school would have been completely closed at the weekend, with no one going near it.
Times have changed and I’m sure for the better.

Tim Body