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Head's Blog #3

Firstly can I offer you all, a belated Happy Easter. I hope everyone had a good and well needed rest.  After a very busy Spring term, I’m amazed to say that we followed it up with a very, very busy Easter break. We had two overseas trips during the Easter holiday, both of which were a total success and a real credit to the staff and students at Westfield Academy. Mr Smith took a group of 12 students to the West of Ireland site-seeing and surfing. In my mind, surely one of the least hospitable places to surf, but it went really well and the students had a great time.  Mrs Cameron-Mills also took a group of 28 students to Disneyland Florida. This was sun, site-seeing and theme parks and was again a complete success. For me I am so grateful to the dedication of our staff that after a long hard term (including an OFSTED inspection) they still felt able to give up large parts of their holidays to give our students such wonderful opportunities.

As well as the trips there was a focus on Year 11 preparation for their summer exams. It is now only a month until their first exam. (RE GCSE.) So it was very important that wherever possible they got the chance to revise and revisit coursework. Myself and a number of staff where in during the holidays leading sessions in RE, English, DT, Art, IT, Maths, Science and a host of other subjects. To their credit there were on average 30/40 Year 11 students in school each day.

I am always so impressed with how our students respond to such opportunities, they are happy to attend extra sessions in the holidays and at weekends, they are a real credit to us.

Tim Body