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Head's Blog #2

Firstly I apologise, it has been a while since I have written the blog.

I have attached the plan for the school holidays, which I will also send out to all parents. Please see the key dates below;

Autumn Term 2016

INSET Day – Thursday 1st September

Thursday 1st September to Friday 21st October

Monday 14th November to Thursday 22nd December                                

Spring Term 2017

Wednesday 4th January to Friday 10th February    

Monday 20th February to Friday 31st March                                              

Summer Term 2017

Monday 10th April to Friday 26th May                   

Monday 5th June to Friday 21st July         

In simple terms, students will have three weeks off in the October half-term, (break up on Fri 21st Oct and return on Monday 14th Nov) to allow for packing up and moving into the new building. The intention is that we will move in on Thursday 10th November. Let me reassure you that students won’t miss out on lesson time. We have reduced holiday time during the rest of the year to compensate for this. I know it’s not ideal but it is necessary to facilitate the move. (It will be worth it.)              

On Monday the 22nd Feb we came back from the half-term holiday to get a phone call to say that we would have OFSTED in school on Tuesday 23rd Feb. We had been due since Nov 2015 so it wasn’t a surprise. As always in this situation our pupils were a credit to us throughout the day and I was extremely pleased with how it went. Please can I thank all the parents who got in touch with them to say how pleased there were with what we are doing.          

We should get the final report in a couple of weeks, at which time I will make sure that it goes to all parents and prospective parents.

Tim Body