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Head's Blog #7: Oct 2016

Dear all

I hope you are all having a good, if not odd half-term. Once again I can only apologise again on behalf of Interserve and the EFA that we will not be entering our new building on Nov 14th.

What I can say is that myself and the Senior Leadership Team visited it today and parts of it are looking amazing. We have all decided not to let the delay wind us up, but to accept it and look at it positively. I have added some photos taken today, which I think look really good. There are two blocks to the building, one of which is almost complete, the other not there yet. (Science is on the side that is almost complete.) As to a completion date, I honestly do not know. We have another meeting on the 7th November, I may know more after that. What I am struck by is how many lockers and toilets there are in the new building, which is something the student council often complain to me about.

The Grand Opening ceremony on the morning of Saturday 26th is still going ahead. However, it will be a reduced affair, only the ceremony; unfortunately there will not be an opportunity for families to walk around the building in the afternoon. This is simply due to the fact that it is not complete. I will ensure that once it is complete that we invite all the local community to have the chance to walk around it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents of Year 11 students and Ms Riaz and Ms Crouch. Never in my time at Westfield have I seen such commitment from all involved. Each evening last half-term there have been approximately 70 Year 11 students attending the GCSE tuition sessions. I have been so impressed with staff and students and am sure this will bode well in their first formal tests.

As I said in my first blog of the year, I have loved seeing the new Year 7 students in their new uniform with the new logo. They look amazing and are so keen.

Before I sign off it is worth reminding parents that before half-term students took tests in all their subjects, in lesson times. The results of these should now be appearing on “Go4Schools.” Ms Dunkley will then analyse how the students have performed, and we will use this data to redesign some of the students’ sets, where appropriate.

Finally, I would like to thank all the parents who sensibly sent their children into school on the last Friday of half-term. In my time, as Headteacher I have had to deal with many, many things but “clowns” was a new one on me. There is no truth in the rumour that I rugby tackled a clown, sadly I spent the whole day walking the site and the local community and came across nothing. Whilst on one level this is funny; on another level, it is horribly dangerous, as it really scared a number of parents and children. As I communicated with parents recently, there have been several issues in the community that do worry me about the safety of the young people. Please remind your children of the sensible advice we have been giving.

Have a great November and when I have news of the new build I will let you know.

Best wishes

Tim Body