We at Westfield Academy feel that the importance of communication is vital in providing a first class education to your child.

As a school we are aiming to develop a culture that gives parents the opportunity to be part of their child’s education, your feedback and suggestions are vital in getting this process right.

The information below highlights the ways that Westfield Academy communicates with parents/carers and the changes that will be implemented over the coming months. 

Please note that the use of electronic means of communication with parents requires that you keep Westfield Academy updated with any changes to contact information.

A form for changes to personal information and contact details is available from our Administration Office.


Westfield Academy has been using Parentmail as part of our communication strategy for several years.  The system allows us to communicate with parents using email and SMS messaging, removing the delays caused by post and the inherent problems associated with children delivering messages on time.

Westfield Academy uses Parentmail as our primary method of communicating written information to parents/carers.  To make the best use of Parentmail parents/carers need to register an account and to validate the communication information that the school holds about you.

If you need help with this process, or feel that you still require paper copies because you do not have an internet email account, please contact the Administration Office at school who will be able to direct you to clinics we are running or to ensure that you continue to receive paper copies. To logon to the Parentmail system please use a browser to go to

Parentmail PMX App for Apple and Android phones and tablets

With the latest update to Parentmail (PMX), applications for smart phones and tablets are now available to registered Parentmail users who own  Apple and Android devices.

Both Apple and Android apps may be downloaded for free from the relevant app store (The Apple App store and the Google Play Store).  Use the search term Parentmail PMX to find the app you require.

These apps will allow Westfield Academy to communicate with you directly, without the requirement for email on your phone, and to inform you of school events that you, or your children, may be taking part in.


Email is an important part of our communication strategy.  It allows quick, two way, communication between staff and parents/carers.

If you have any concerns that need to be raised about your child’s education at Westfield, please do not hesitate to contact their Form Tutor initially. If the issue is more serious then please contact the relevant Head of Year.

YearHead of YearEmail Address

Mr Lock
8Ms Symonds

9Mr Meale

10Ms Keating

11Ms Lowe

If you would like to book an appointment with a specific member of staff please email the relevant Head of Year who will liaise with the member of staff to arrange a suitable time for you to meet.

School Website

This website. Please check the displays on the home page, the news sections and the calendar for up to date information on the school.

For more in depth information on the school visit the pages relevant to your query.

Parent Teachers Association

If you are interested in being part of the PTA or attending any of the Parent forums please email  -

Parents Evenings

An opportunity for you to briefly discuss your child’s progress at Westfield Academy. These take place once a year per Year group and are arranged by the Head of Year.

If there are any concerns please email Mrs. Newlyn -