WisePay – Online Payment Service

Westfield Academy offers parents/carers, students and staff the option to pay using Wisepay - our online payment service for a variety of items eg:-

  • School Trips and visits
  • Food and drink 
  • Examination fees
  • Music Lessons
  • Books and other learning resources
  • School planners

It is our aim to become a cashless Academy in the near future and we hope that you will help us to achieve this goal which we believe will benefit the parents/carers, students, the Academy and our community.

The benefits of the online system are:

  • Payments and viewing your account can be done any time day and night 24 hours/7 days a week 
  • You will be able to view the meals your child purchases
  • All meal payments on WisePay are in 'real time' and are immediately available for your child to spend in the Academy’s canteen. Meal payments can only be used for that purpose.
  • Children do not have to carry cash and cheques which could get lost or misplaced
  • You don't have to write out numerous cheques
  • Information about school trips and events is easy to find.
  • Other family members eg grandparents can make contributions quickly and easily
  • It is easier for parents who are not living together to manage their children’s  payments through a single account

Protecting Personal Data 

  • WisePay never stores credit or debit card details. Neither WisePay or Westfield Academy can see or has access to any of your card details. 
  • Wisepay is registered under the Data Protection Act   

Log in Details

Visit the Wisepay website