The Team

The Sixth Form Team

Ms T. Porter; Assistant Associate Head Teacher

Mr C. Gilder; Head of Year 13

Ms B. Kennedy; Head of Year 12

Mrs Beels; Senior 6th Form Pastrol Administrator

Mrs Khalil; 6th Form Pastoral Administrator

A Welcome from our Head Boy and Head Girl

Welcome from the Head Boy and Head Girl

Isha Iqbal Head Girl

Westfield Academy has been my educational home for the past seven years additionally, Westfield has given me an experience beyond education which has become irreplaceable.

During my time at Westfield I have had the advantage of having many excellent teachers who have been willing to go the extra mile for their students from after school teaching sessions to even coming in on Saturdays to help their students achieve their potential our teachers have given it their all. Furthermore, on a personal development level during my time at school I have been able to build my skills, I now believe that I am an independent young woman who is able to express and informed opinion about modern issues within our society. 

Anthony Lo Head Boy

During my time at Westfield Academy it has really broadened my horizons in many ways. At the start, I was welcomed and graced by amazing students and teachers making my transition from Watford Boys Grammar School to Westfield Academy a very pleasant one. Westfield academy has provided me with many opportunities and experiences that have taught me how to become more independent in life, such as studying on my own or doing tasks my myself, which is a very important skill for anyone to learn when they are going out to work and make an influence on current society. Overall being at Westfield Academy has taught me a lot about what life can throw at you in a second; and I would not have it any other way.