Ethnic Minorioty Achievement Services

Specialist staff work with class and subject teachers by drawing on their specialist knowledge and understanding of second language acquisition and bilingualism to develop the English language skills pupils need for social interaction and for learning.

We help to draw on pupils’ prior experience, culturally relevant where possible, to meet with their English language learning needs and collaborate with subject teachers to:

  • Identify pupils’ learning needs from the previous Key stage
  • Support the development of subject specific language
  • Influence the range of groups in which pupils work
  • Develop higher order thinking skills and the associated academic language for analysis, application, synthesis and evaluation
  • Ensure that pupils engage in talk and discussion before completing reading and writing tasks to provide effective models of learning and academic language
  • Support pupils’ comprehension of extended texts including reading for inference and deduction by teacher explanation and by enabling bilingual pupils to listen to good role models express the necessary thinking process in academic English
  • Support pupils’ ability to write for a range of purpose by providing appropriate scaffolding
  • Monitor pupils’ level of achievement in different curriculum areas
  • Maintain and develop pupils’ self esteem and confidence
  • A focus on both pastoral and academic support