Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we lay the foundations for GCSE with an exciting three year course.  We follow the Schools History Project with a heavy emphasis on skills development and seeing the Big Picture and change over time.  In Year 7 students begin by looking at what history is and how to do well.  This is followed up by units on the Roman Empire, the Normans and Life in the Middle Ages.  In Year 8 students follow units on the Civil War and Commonwealth, Empire and Revolution.  In Year 9 we look at the First World War, Second World War and the Cold War.  Core assessments are in a GCSE style, to enable success at Key Stage 4.   Students have the opportunity to extend their learning through independent learning projects which include creative tasks such as designing a flag and designing a model town.  Exciting activities include role play, debates, presentations, history detectives.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE we follow AQA GCSE History A Schools History Project.   There are three components – two are externally assessed and one is internally assessed.  The two exam topics are:

  • A Development Study - Medicine and Health through Time
  • A Depth Study - The American West, c.1840 – 1895

The internally assessed unit, which makes up 25% of the course, is Controlled Assessment on History Around Us.  Students investigate the Watford Union Workhouse, which is the current location of Watford General Hospital.

History is the most popular option in the school at GCSE.  In 2011 fourteen students achieved A* - A grades.

Key Stage 5

At A Level we follow the Edexcel specification.  We focus on American and British Modern History.  The two AS topics are:

  • Historical Themes in Breadth –
    • Pursuing Life and Liberty: Equality in the USA, 1945 – 68
    • Politics, Presidency and Society in the USA, 1968 – 2001
  • British History Depth Studies - British Political History, 1945 – 90: Consensus and Conflict

The two A2 topics are

  • Depth Studies and Associated Historical Controversies - The United States, 1917 – 54: Boom, Bust and Recovery
  • Historical Enquiry - Representation and Democracy c1830-c1930 (internally assessed)

History is one of the most popular traditional A Level subjects in the school.  It is also one of the schools most successful A Levels.  In 2011 60% of students achieved A – B grades.