Examinations Information

This page provides information to students concerning external examinations.

Should the information you require not be published, please do not hesitate to contact the school and ask to speak to the Examination's Officer.

Examination Clashes

Any student with clashes on their Exam Timetable will be issued with a separate sheet clearly detailing timings of Exams and which Exam they will be doing first. 

If for any reason they do not have a sheet regarding clashes please either come to see me or contact me on the school number.

Any student who is isolated because of exam clashes will be required to hand in their Mobile Phone to the Exams Officer for secure storage at the start of the day, if they do not wish to do this please leave the phone at home.  This is a mandatory requirement and if not adhered to will result in disqualification.  Please remember to bring food & drink on this day.


Students should make themselves aware of the regulations under which they are taking the examinations.

The following documents are available to view and download: