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This page gives a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Office 365 for Education email service used by Westfield.


What is a "cloud" service?

A "cloud" service is one that is not located on the school premises and is accessed via an Internet browser.


I have forgotten my password, how do I get it reset?

Passwords can be reset by contacting the school ICT Support team.

This can be done either by emailing or by contacting the ICT Support Team in school.


I have emails on the school system that I need, how do I access them?

Old school emails have not been deleted. 

If you have an important email that you need recovering, either email or contacting the ICT Support Team in school.  They will then recover the email and forward it to your Live@edu email account.


There are two ways of reporting problems with the Office 365 for Education email service:

  1. Report the problem to a member of the Westfield ICT Support team
  2. Email the problem to

In both cases the following information is required:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Form
  • Your email address
  • The time and date when the problem occured
  • A description of the problem and what you have done to try and correct the problem

Leaving out any of the above information will result in the problem taking longer to fix.

Following receipt of the problem, you will be contacted to confirm receipt of the problem and to let you know the timescale in which you can expectv the problem to be fixed.