Key Staff Members


Mr T Body -

Chair of Trustees

Mr A Farrer -

Senior Leadership Team

Ms S Patel - School Business Manager.

Mr P Creber - Senior Deputy Headteacher - KS3 and Staffing.

Ms A Hartley - Deputy Headteacher - KS5 and Safeguarding. AHC@westfield.acadey

Ms I Riaz - Deputy Headteacher - KS4 and Curriculum.

Ms J O'Connor - Associate Headteacher - Continuing Professional Development.

Mrs K Dunkley (Neal) - Assistant Headteacher - Exams and Achievement Data.

Mr P.Smith - Assistant Headteacher - Behaviour and Pastoral systems.

Mrs E Keys - Assistant Headteacher - Teaching & Learning

Ms T. Porter - Associate Assistant Headteacher - Post-16 Education.

Mr S.Moore -  Associate Assistant Head Teacher & ITT Lead


Ms L. Hayes.

Heads of Faculty


Mr C. Black


Mr C Okemadu.


Mr C. Chalk.


Ms S. K. Rafter.

Performing Arts, Design & Technology

L Bastienne-Andrews.

Modern Foreign Languages

Ms C. Ampah-Korsah.


Ms J. Egan.(Hunt)

Social Sciences

Ms S Choudhury.

Hair and Beauty

Ms. L Opsblum.

Business & ICT

Ms J. Otung.


Heads of Year

Year 7 -  Mr H. Lock.

Year 8 -  Mr K. Andrew.

Year 9 - Ms K Symonds.

Year 10 - Ms K. Keating.

Year 11 - Mr D Meale.

Year 12 - Ms C. Magee.

Year 13 - Mr C Gilder.