Business & ICT

Business and ICT has become a key learning area for all of our students at Key Stage 3 and 4. Over recent years the faculty has grown and is a well-resourced area, offering a range of different subjects which include Business, ICT, Media, and Economics.  The faculty has gone from strength to strength producing fantastic results year on year.

Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3 pupils will develop a range of Comouting skills including; game design, Photoshop, databases, Microsoft office and web design. There is also a massive focus on building additional skills such as communication, teamwork and presentation skills.

There are two pieces of assessment every half term which are then recorded on Go4Schools and pupils are given clear feedback on how to improve and gain a higher level.

Over the course of the 2 years pupils will be confident in all aspects of Computing and will be fully prepared for GCSE or BTEC IT.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 the achievement within the Business and ICT faculty has proven that no matter what the ability, each course is personalised to get the best outcome for our learners.

In Business, learners will either study a GCSE in Business and Economics or a BTEC in Business. Both consist of students going through the planning process of setting up a business of their choice. In order to do this successfully they will consider the legal and financial requirements of their business as well as the skills required to run their own business successfully. Once they have completed this they design a business proposal which they will present to their peers, allowing the students to independently plan a business of their choice.

In IT learners can choose from either a GCSE or a BTEC First in Information Technology. The GCSE is tailored towards the IT theory and practical skills for the work environment whilst the BTEC hones vocational skills ready for the employment in the IT industry. Students may wish to gain these qualifications in order to enter a specialist area of employment or to progress onto a Level 3 programme.

Key Stage 5

The Business and ICT Faculty lies at the heart of the KS5 curriculum. The majority of the students in the Sixth Form study at least one of Business BTEC National, Business Studies GCE, ICT BTEC National, Media BTEC National, Media Studies GCE or Economics GCE. This exciting and varied curriculum offers students the opportunities to succeed in whatever path they choose to follow.

The quality of teaching and learning is high and exam results have reflected this over the years. The students are taught in a way that inspires them and builds their confidence, promotes independent thinking and encourages them to achieve well in lessons. The department is committed to securing the highest possible achievement for our learners at KS5, as well as developing vital skills, which are crucial for success in Higher Education and future careers.

The Teaching Side

Our teachers include a variety of people who come from different walks of life and who are able to use their experiences to enthuse and motivate our students. Our team is a tenacious group who are dedicated to the achievement of our students, through the use of up to date technology and a keen interest in engaging our students. Our teaching staff benefit from considerable administrative support, senior management is particularly committed to Business and ICT, and there is significant technical support offered within the faculty. The faculty is a very cohesive team who bring good humour to all aspects of their work.