English is offered at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. Our students study a variety of texts during their time at Westfield and will develop skills in their written and spoken expression which will help them in their life beyond school.

At KS3 we offer a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of all our students. Students will read at least one novel each year and improve their writing skills in a variety of ways. All KS3 students have one library lesson every two weeks which allows them to build their independent study and research skills. Students are exposed to the literary canon in Year 7 through studying Chaucer and Shakespeare; these are built on throughout their time at Westfield.

Students in KS4 will all sit their English Language exam. Most students will then go on to take English Literature so students will have two GCSEs in English. The KS4 syllabus explores reactions to different types of writing and helps students develop their own writing styles. As part of the English Literature course students will study plays and poems to further their knowledge of English.

At KS5 students hone their critical reading of texts and learn how to develop and extend their analysis. Students build excellent communication and research skills and leave their studies with the skills for University or life after school.

Extra Curricular Activities

All students have a variety of options available to them to support their studies of English outside of the classroom. Students in all years have a variety of trips available to them; these are often to see productions of texts we are studying to help bring them to life. At KS4 and 5 students are offered opportunities to attend study days and after school sessions which help underpin the work they are doing in class to secure an excellent grade.

There are creative writing clubs available to students as well as several library reading groups which are supported by staff from the English department. Furthermore, students are afforded opportunities to get their own poems and creative writing published in regional and national anthologies.