The Humanities Curriculum

In Years 7 and 8 students are taught Humanities: Geography, History and Religious Studies.

The curriculum offered is in line with the National Curriculum and offers engaging and motivating lessons for all students. We study different historical and geographical events while also looking at the key beliefs in a variety of religions. All students have one lesson a week of each subject where they are taught key skills and how to use them.

At Key Stage 4 we offer a range of courses. All students follow GCSE Religious Studies. GCSEs are also available in Geography, History,  as optional subjects.

At A-Level we offer Geography, History, Religious Studies. 

We offer trips and other out of school learning in order to further fuel the students love of the subjects whilst also bringing the subject to life.

Teaching and Learning

Students are taught using texts, student booklets, PowerPoint presentations and activities to promote both teamwork and independent learning.

Within their lessons students get the opportunity to use a range of thinking skills including, empathy, transformation, and role-play as well as audio, visual and kinaesthetic tasks.

Students are given many opportunities to self and peer assess their work. They are clear which strategies they should use to improve.

Students are regularly assessed and the levels are monitored and tracked to ensure that students are making the appropriate progress.