"A different language is a different vision of life."  Federico Fellini, Italian film director.

The Languages Department is a vibrant and supportive team of linguists.  We are passionate about our subjects and committed to delivering high quality and stimulating lessons to cater for the varying needs and learning styles of our students.  Languages are currently a core part of the curriculum at Westfield Academy, with all pupils studying at least one language to GCSE.  Pupils in Year 8 choose to study either French or Spanish at KS4.


All pupils in Years 7 and 8 study French and Spanish. They are offered a wide choice of learning experiences and study from the Studio series for French and the Viva series for Spanish. 

Lessons at KS3 include many interactive games, and we encourage pupils to speak in the target language as much as possible. Pupils also have access to a language website both in and outside of lessons, to practice using vocabulary games. Their school learning is supplemented with an online homework on the Pearson Activelearn Website, which offers pupils an opportunity to increase their knowledge of grammar in a language and further enhancing listening and reading skills at home. 


Pupils study Spanish and French GCSE courses following the AQA syllabus. Pupils are split into Higher and Foundation classes where possible and are thoroughly prepared for their linear exams in Year 11, where they are examined on the four skills namely Listening; Reading; Speaking; and Writing.

In class pupils continue to study using the excellent Studio AQA and Viva AQA series. Similarly to KS3, pupils in KS4 have homework which is complimentary to their class learning, where pupils use the online homework system Pearson Activelearn, and further their grammar and translation skills. Pupils work alongside Foreign Language Assistants to practise their speaking and pronunciation as part of their lessons. 


At KS5 we follow the AQA syllabus in French and Spanish.

This course offers students the opportunity to study literature and film in detail as well as learning about political and social issues which are studied at length.

The French and Spanish AS and A Level offer students the chance to further develop their linguistic abilities and provides them with invaluable skills, widening their study and future work opportunities.

In both courses, language students develop and perfect their ability to manipulate the language effectively. We offer students the opportunity to have work experience abroad through Halsbury Travel.

Extra Curricular Activities

The languages Department has many enrichment opportunities including lunch clubs to support Homework and an MFL Film Club. We also run trips to France and Spain and have an enriching Theatre visit in the Spring term. Our Year 7 and 8 pupils enjoy the chance to experience various excursions including a French Christmas Market in France.