Learning Support

Our Vision

  • We value all pupils equally
  • We recognise the range of cultures and backgrounds from which our pupils emanate
  • We wish to play our part in helping pupils to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.
  • We seek to develop the diverse talents and abilities of all our pupils and to encourage them to value themselves and their place in our school community.
  • We believe in the entitlement of all pupils to a broad balanced and relevant curriculum.
  • We believe that provision for children with special educational needs should be made as part of a collaborative process which takes into account the views of pupils, parents and teachers.
  • We seek to develop lively enquiring minds in our pupils and to help them towards knowledge, understanding, and skills relevant to life in a fast changing world.
  • We believe that ALL children should be challenged to achieve independence, as far as possible, in their life and work.

What we do

  • Learning support work may be with individuals or groups, outside or within the classroom context according to need.
  • A year 7 Transition class is provided to offer extra support to those pupils who may require this.
  • Support resources are allocated according to: Pupils’ statements of special educational needs; requests for support from bject teachers; Learning Support assessment of need and finally, taking into account pupil and parental views.
  • A Support Timetable and Provision plans are drawn up and revised regularly and in accordance with need.
  • Individual and group reading and literacy programmes take place during Form Periods.
  • Homework /Haven Club are provided by the Learning Support Department.
  • All Departments in their schemes of work make provision for a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum for all pupils.
  • Learning Support provides for examination consideration and support as deemed necessary in both school and public examinations.

External School Links

The Academy makes full use of many outside agencies including:

Chessbrook Education Centre ,Educational Psychology, School Nurse, Speech and Language, Teacher of the Deaf, Specialist teachers for Sensory and Communication Needs, Connexions, Counselling and Traveller Education.