"An effective school library acting as a powerhouse of learning and reading within a school is a unique resource.”
(Report of the School Libraries Commission, September 2010)

The Library is at the heart of Westfield, and we encourage a wide range of activities to promote reading, learning and the learning ethos.

There is space for over 100 students at a time to read or work, with comfortable chairs and beanbags, as well as tables and computers and over 14,000 books.

Westfield’s library

Provides a safe and secure environment during and outside school hours
Teaches skills that will help your child throughout their life Is a place of enquiry and wonder
Provides a place to work effectively using printed and electronic resources
Supports your child’s learning
Helps your child to become an independent learner
Arranges author visits and school wide events celebrating reading
Organises reading groups
Provides opportunities to take on responsibility as Student Librarians


Our qualified and experienced library staff

Have regular contact with students throughout their school life??
Get to know their users well and respond to their interests
Have extensive knowledge of children’s literature
Encourage reading for study and pleasure
Advise on enjoyable and appropriate reading matter
Engage in discussion of reading and books
Understand that students like different types of reading material
Listen to students’ opinions
Select resources to ensure that there is a wide range available to satisfy all tastes.  In addition to contemporary and classic fiction, there is a wide range of non-fiction,  graphic novels and manga.
Work with teaching colleagues to contribute to teaching and learning across  the school
Deliver fortnightly library lessons to all Year 7 classes
Teach lessons in collaboration with teaching staff to other year groups, so that they can evaluate and use information wisely and be prepared for the world beyond school


News Update!

Westfield Library now has a Twitter account @Westfield_Lib

Library Activities and Events

The Library organises a number of events during the year.  Please watch this space for regular updates on activities at Westfield.  A few of the events in the past year included:

Roald Dahl Week

The second week in September is Roald Dahl week, to coincide with Roald Dahl Day on 13 September which celebrates the author’s birthday.  Teachers read their favourite Roald Dahl stories to students every break and lunchtime in the library.


At Westfield, we are passionate about reading.  The Library staff are always more than happy to talk about their latest favourite books and to make recommendations.  There is a comfortable area in which to relax, with low seating and the very popular bean bags.
Every member of staff has a poster on which they display details of the book that they are currently reading, which encourages discussion about reading.

Reading Groups

2013-14 was the inaugural year for a new reading group and book award, and Westfield was one of six participating schools.  Look! Hoo’s Reading is part of the annual Hoo’s Kids Book Fest
Westfield has participated in the Red House Children’s Book Award for many years.

Author visits

In March, Kate Maryon visited Westfield, as part of our World Book Day celebrations, and in association with the Chorleywood Bookshop as part of the Chorleywood Children’s Literary Festival.
Kate delivered an absorbing and atmospheric talk to Year 8 about serious issues such as homelessness and how it affects young children.
Her books are very popular in the Library with all readers, and her visit had a great impact on our students.
In June, we will be welcoming Cliff McNish, who first visited Westfield in 2011.  We are very much looking forward to his return.

Student Librarians

The team of Student Librarians plays a vital role in the life of the Library.  They work on the issue desk, shelve books, design displays, advise other students on reading choices, and assist the Librarians in maintaining the Library as a positive learning environment.
They organise second hand book sales during the year, and spend the proceeds on new titles for the Library.


All Year 7 students have fortnightly library lessons throughout the year.  They learn about the Library and how to find information, exchange their reading books, fill in their Reader’s Journals, and are given time to read quietly.
Subject teachers regularly bring classes to the Library, to carry out research and to use the wide range of resources available.   Year 8 & 9 English classes also have one lesson per fortnight in the Library.

World Book Day

World Book Day is celebrated each year with a variety of events.
The winning entry in the World Book Day poster competition is displayed all over school.