In Summer 2013, we achieved our best-ever results in Maths. This success is directly attributable to the working partnership between Maths staff and students at Westfield.

Maths teachers regularly make use of resources such as “enrich” within their teaching, challenging pupils to think beyond the syllabus and improve their mathematical reasoning.

We enter our entire Year 7, along with Year 8, into the UK Junior Maths Challenge.

Years 7 and 8 have Monthly quizzes and the winners go on to represent school through taking part in local and national competitions. The KS3 Maths programme is designed to build on the skills learned in KS2. It strengthens the mathematical concepts that tend to hold students back and it helps them to acquire the foundations of Number, Algebra, Shape, Space and Measures and Handling Data

We encourage students to develop the application of mathematical skills to real life and increasing competence in mental mathematics skills.

The KS4 Maths programme is used in conjunction with KS3. It is not just about the grades that students bring home but about being able to apply Maths concepts to the appropriate areas of their education.

We continue to develop strong links with other subjects, increase confidence in the use of mathematical language and notation, build techniques, confidence and increase motivation in achieving GCSE target grade.

At Westfield, in Mathematics.....

We aim to support maths education and promote the development of mathematical skills and understanding, particularly through enrichment activities. More broadly, we want to help everyone share in the excitement and understand the importance of mathematics.

We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and study skills. We aim to develop enquiring minds, whilst giving our students confidence to embrace learning and life.

Team members work to ensure that the curriculum they deliver is engaging and challenges students throughout their time at Westfield. Staff designs lessons to incorporate written work, investigations and discussions as well as a range of ICT based, practical, problem solving and functional activities to ensure that students have a rich education.

The Maths block consists of five classrooms which are fully equipped with a range of ICT resources such as interactive whiteboards and projectors. The faculty also benefits from laptops for student use.